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I've been playing about 7 years now but I started falling out of it the day a bandmate of mine reminded me about how I used to want a dual sport. I fell out of playing and stuff and got into this, but I'm starting to actually balance the two.

Here's one of my favorites, even though it's a bass.

It's a Kramer DMZ6000B (fretless, pretty rare) from somewhere between 79 and 81. I had bought a crappy mid 80's Kramer Striker for too much in a pawn shop a few months before and learned about the brand that way, so when I saw this thing pop up for 50 bucks I thought I would jump on it. Got it home and finally figured out what it was exactly. There's no markings other than a serial number. At the time Kramer thought the aluminum fork headstock was outlandish enough to identify them.

Anyhow I get a rough idea of what it is and check out the market and the thing was worth like 30x what I paid for it.

I've played it here and there, but the fretboard on these things was ebonol (think bowling balls) and wears out over time. Problem is the aluminum inlay dots don't wear out so eventually they'll start rubbing and then pop out. It's got some old creme colored Dimarzio active pickups in it and crazy toggles and switches that I haven't figured out after 5 years still. Burled walnut and curly maple body with an aluminum neck with the walnut inserts in it so it doesn't feel so cold and balances it a bit.

I've got/had plenty more instruments but this one is really my favorite. After I bought it I attended the Kramer expo in Nashville and Gary Kramer signed it for me. Problem is I couldn't resist playing it and he signed right where my forearm goes, so it's pretty well gone now. I'll get him to resign it someday. But he'd put this pretty sweet sterling lapel pin in a raffle for the expo to match the gold one he had for himself. The pin looked like the aluminum headstock and I ended up winning it. I was like 15 and just blown away.

Anyhow I'd love to have the six string version of this guitar; they ended up putting them in guitar hero at some point as a playable deal.

Man, tl;dr.
Some things shouldn't be left like you found them.
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