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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
Digging up an old thread...

First off let me know if I am crazy or not. I have only been playing for about a year, unless I am having shoulder problems I play every night, sometimes for only 10min some times for 2hrs...just depends, but usually around 1hr or so. I own a Gretsch 5120 and a Epiphone Les Paul, both get about equal play time depending on my mood.

Anyway I am looking at a new guitar....a Rickenbacker, I don't have one in my sights yet, but I am looking every day. I would like a 6 string (12 strings intimidate me for some reason) 300 series.

Before this I had stuck with guitars around the $500 or so mark a Rickenbacker is going to be way outside that. The reason for the entry price guitars was I was not sure I would stick with it....sometimes the meds I am on make me want to chuck everything and I loose intrest in everything, but it is usually short lived and in a week or two I am back to my old self.

Is that stupid to get something at this stage of my playing? I have not even touched one yet...and may hate it, I did not like the Gibson LP I tried out, the cheapie epiphone felt better to me.

The reasons for wanting the Rick is the tone it makes, I am still learning about the different pickups, toasters and such, but I want that classic 60's british tone.

Anyone have any advise to this newbe guitar player.
You're not crazy to want a better guitar and Rickis are nice. My wife has a 360/12 that is a joy to play (that comes out whenever I feel a Byrd moment coming on ), so don't count the 12-string short. The Rickenbackers definitely have a distinctive sound, and if that's what you want to hear then by all means, find one you like and get it.

My first electric guitar was a new '62 Gretsch 6119 Tennessean (now called the Tennessee Rose) that I wish I had never sold. I still have my '63 Gibson Hummingbird. It just gets better as it gets older. A Gretsch 6120 is on my list along with a Fender American Nashville with B-Bender.

I recently started playing steel guitar again - man, try picking that back up after a 30-year lay off At least I have a very nice MSA to relearn on.

In a way, guitars are a lot like motorcycles - they all do basically the same thing, but some just speak to you or do a certain thing better than another. A good rider can make an OK bike run rings around a poor rider on an expensive machine. Same thing with guitars. I've seen guys who I swear could make a 2x4 with piano wire sound better than a custom Gibson.

Oh, and for the person who has problems with his left hand - think Django Reinhardt - his left hand was severely burned in a fire and he only really uses two fingers

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