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Originally Posted by bumblebee1 View Post
It woulb be interesting to hear of a woman's views on these comments.

I am free once again in about two months
Actually a "woman's view" would be pretty moot in his situation: he married, was miserable, got out. Good for him, and good for you too. I myself may nag my boyfriend about how to spend his money but it's for his own good, not because I want to control him. For example yesterday he said how he was going to, with his next check, buy an overbore kit for his CB750 and I pretty much nixxed it. Caveat: he's currently going to school for welding/machining, lives on sporadic unemployment, needs welding supplies (leather, autodark helmet, etc) to continue classes past the month, uses my 1973 Maverick (>10mpg) to get to classes when he has a perfectly good CX that just needs a new front wheel, and he wants to spend $800 on a CB that isn't registered, has no wiring harness, and whose joints are so bound up that even if he did get a new engine and made his own harness to get it running he'd still need at least another $1000 to even get the thing to ROLL.

Enough of the feminine perspective? I don't generally care what he does with his free time or money, but honestly sometimes you men are idiots.

Anyway, to the OP (and forgive the off-topic rant): don't be afraid to get out there and LIVE. For about 6 years post-college I think I averaged about 2 radically different jobs a year (marketting executive, park ranger, wildlife biologist, disaster relief, fast food, appeals/grievance for medical insurance etc) and I had a blast. I've lived everywhere from Texas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas and Idaho. I've always managed to feed myself, always managed to pay back the absurdly expensive student loans my parents took out for me (private schools are awesome but a lifesuck to pay back), had a blast meeting different folk from all walks. I've ridden highs and had some pretty far-reaching lows, and wouldn't trade a minute of it.

The point I'm making (and that I've seen in a lot of posts here) is there are more ways to live your life than in a cubicle. Sure some of them are a crapshoot and require you to take a chance, but now's the time to have an adventure. Don't wait to have a mid-life crisis - have a current-life crisis. Hey, you're here and thinking about it which is a goodfirst step. Good luck however you decide, there's as many ways to live a life as stars in the sky and none of them are better than the other. :)
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Life is dangerous. Not doing what you love makes life even more dangerous...
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