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I take my adventures how ever whne ever I can. Living on SOCAL with the prettymuch understanding Wife and kids in Jr and High school. My adventures are short trips day rides, weekends, or 3-4 day trips. My longest adventure has beem 1100 miles in 3 days. Fontana Ca to St George Utah to see friends.
343 miles door to door each way. the rest was all local in southern Utah. Just get out and ride. your edventure is what you make if it. I have family obligations like so many others on this world forum. It is a balance in life. IMHO, in your shoes I would look at whne the present job ran out, take a trip. get back to work after ??? weeks. repeat as necessary. You are young and have to answer only to yourself at this point. It makes it easy. When you find your self in a relationship do not let it take control of your life. It is balanceI . My 16yo sons is in puppy love and tells his chick " If your happy I am happy "/ I told him he needs to be his own person and identity. SO do what ever you can for yourself. while you can. go for it. Post your adventure so we can go along with you. I love reading all the trip posts. It gives me ideas and keeps me going every time I read it. I have another reason to go and work every day- to provice for my family and save for my next ADV. Ride on
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