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I guess is finally helpful to know Espanol around here..

Here is a basic translation of the five points show on the right hand side of the picture.

1 Motor water cooled engine with the intake and exhaust located at the top and bottom of the cylinders.

2 radiator located above the televeler, hiding in between the plastics and the crash guards.

3 "Cardan" (final drive and shaft drive) located on the left hand side of the bike, totally backwards from the current 1200GS

4 Exhaust pipe with exit on the right hand side of the bike, with the cardan on the left is no space for the collector, take a look at the saddle bag.

5 Front modified with a new windscreen, plastics, crash guards, elevated front fender (I don't see it, but that is what they say) optics. Is very similar to the 1200GSA but different.

Ps: That is more or less what the side notes say..
Wanted: worn, ugly, cheap motorcycle cover for a big GS 1200
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