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Originally Posted by Mike E View Post

Again, via Google translate:

Very fast work of the Bayerische Motoren Werke, a lot. Following the launch of its six cylinders, the K 1600 GT, the renewal of its R 1200 R and the development of future work as the maxi-scooter and electric scooter, the next revolution, the nth-generation boxer engine is already running. And the test are that we showed you spy photos of poor quality, what matters is not quality, but the news. Typically, the bikes were rolling late this year to begin to occur in September 2012, but no, the bikes fitted with the new liquid-cooled boxer has started to roll now, and are circulating in our country.

The news came to the writing by one of our readers, Gerard Llauradó. Owner of a R 1200 GS, while driving his company car in his rearview mirror he saw a couple of bikes that came near him. He quickly realized that those bikes were slightly different from yours, so took the phone and managed to shoot two good pictures, which we showed in these here. Gerard tells you: "I send this e-mail to show you three pictures that I have them today in the area of Tarragona to what appear to be two new R 1200 GS Adventure model. I have one, and when he saw him in the mirror, I first thought that there were two F 800 GS, because they were not like mine and showed a picture lighter and slimmer. After chasing a few kilometers at a speed not very wise, I've been able to do these two photos. Apologies for the right quality, are made from my mobile phone and running. The truth is that really surprised me because I had no idea that BMW had its renovation so advanced. "

The new boxer engine externally looks the same, but the first thing you notice is that the shaft is on the left side and the single exhaust system, high, is on the right side, totally in contrast to the R 1200. The cylinders, with a slight fluttering, totally changed: the exhaust manifold out through the bottom and admission is on the upper surface of the cylinder, now in the opposite direction of travel ", with very straight lines. Obviously, the engine is an eight-valve, DOHC, twin spark and fuel injection, although its displacement would be about 1,270 cc, it would give a torque of 14.5 kgm and a power close to 128 hp. What about the radiator? Well camouflaged between the plastic covers and front fenders, which, though different, retain some similarity to the current model. The front of the bike is brand new, more aerodynamic, with a different high fenders and a new asymmetrical headlamps, similar to the F 800.

For now, these are all we could gather data on future R 1300 GS with liquid cooled boxer engine. Given the lateness of its development, the bike seems very well finished, "do not be surprised that the new GS came into production in September this year and give marketing beginning in early 2012. We will be watching.

These are the main new features:
MOTOR liquid cooling of inlet and outlet placed in the top and bottom of the cylinder respectively.
RADIATOR cooling above the rocker Telelever, tucked between the plastic and the front fenders.
CARDAN located on the left side of the bike, totally unlike the current R 1200 engine.
QUIET exhaust exit on the right side. Hold the shaft on the left side there is no room for the passage of the collector. Look at the bags in the other photo.
FRONT modified with new leadership, plastics, fenders, fender high and optical. It closely resembles an actual Adventure R 1200 GS, but different.
Thanks for the translations!!
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