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Originally Posted by Larry Krupa View Post
Some of you may be getting all excited about this, but I see this as analogous to what car companies do with successful cars. They have to "improve" them each year so they make them bigger and clutter them up with accessories that bastardize the concept.

Sorry, but a radiator is more complexity, something else to go wrong, something that adds to the difficulty (and expense) of service. Yes boxers get hot in traffic, but do I want to add all that crap?

So some of you may get excited about the radiators, but count me out. I like simple for this kind of bike.
The wording on the cover picture gives a clue for the reasoning behind water-cooling the engine.

Impulsada por la aplicacion de la futura normativa antipolucion Euro 4
Euro 4 is one level of the different emissions standards for the EU

Like the HD V-rod ...

Water cooling allows the engine to run in a narrower temperature range, allowing for reduced emissions. The reduction of temperatures at the upper end of the range will theoretically lengthen engine life as well.

Originally Posted by
Liquid-cooling makes it easier to maintain each part of the engine at a given temperature in normal operation. Air-cooled engines can have the hot-spot problems described above, and getting enough air to the hot spots may cause other parts of the engine to run too cold. Liquids have less temperature rise as they absorb waste heat.
Thus, the coolant temperature varies less with engine load. In turn, more even temperature of liquid-cooling means better component tolerances can be maintained, which can improve both durability and emissions. It may be possible to achieve good temperature control with an air-cooled engine, but at the expense of more complicated thermal management and increased weight.
Similarly, peak power from a given displacement of air-cooled engine is typically limited compared to water-cooled counterparts, so liquid-cooled engines may be heavier but also fit in a smaller space.

In other words, get used to it. As emissions standard get tighter and tighter, you will see less and less air/oil cooled engines. They're making liquid cooled lawnmowers now.
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