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Maybe BMW have to do this to meet emisions
yes, a water cooled will produce more power for its physical size

is it needed? I dont think so, I love my 1150 - no ABS - its Australian basic model, more than enough power for me

I often thought that the 1200 was the step too far, liek the Germans got in to a dick swinging competition, who can build the biggest 'adventure' bike

honestly I would like to see them go back to 1000cc (or there abouts) and also an 800 version but both of them be BOXER and basic as well, whilst the Canbus seems to have been proved, I don't want the electric suspension or other stuff to go wrong - soon they will be putting a radio in it!

I would have got an 1100 if one was available, but my 1150 came first, its been great for getting long, two up, camping kit for three weeks, and not hanging around either - once we did about 200km at 150km/hr in total comfort.

Sorry, whilst I am intrigued by the mechanics of it all, it doesn't appeal to me, I suppose I am not the demographic that they are aiming at

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