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where's Laura0107?
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Oops, I see the OP has made a little visit to Banned Camp, but I was just going to say "stick to it" w/respect to teaching yourself to play using the internet. I come from a long line of piano players and for years tried to get my son interested in music while he was growing up, without success. Three years ago, at age 18, he bought a guitar on his own and taught himself to play, using the internet. I think he has done really well. Here he is in the white t-shirt on the right at a gig last weekend. If you don't want to listen to the whole thing, his part heats up pretty good from around 2:30 on.

I had not heard him playing Steamroller Blues around the house, and asked him about it. He said the band played it at practice a couple of days before this gig, and he asked them "what key" and jumped in. I said, "You never watched Elvis' band do it on YouTube?" He said, "No, I never heard it before." I could just be a proud Mama, but I think he might have a little bit of talent!

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