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The mascot is on the move and in good hands. Unfortunately, this is the only shot I got at the entrance to Arcadia Park.

All in all, the roads were great and I have a good long ride. The back roads still had some black ice on them in spots and I was riding nervously for a few miles.

I would have taken a picture of the bike in front of the sign but I really had to get the hell out of there. To begin with, I had already dropped the bike once, about 1/4 mile from the tag. I tried to turn off the road and its was a glacier.

So, back to the tag spot. The whole entrance was also a sheet of ice several inches thick. I had to park in the road. I ran up to the tree and found the mascot. Before I could leave, a guy in a pickup truck stopped to see if I was ok. He pulled in and almost got stuck. There wasn't ANY safe place for me to stand and get a picture. I was still a bit shaky and just got the bike rolling before I got hit or dumped it again.

Pic below was taken when I got home just before I washed it. The mascot is hanging on the right handlebar. Some road rash is visible as well. I need a new blinker and mirror.

Another pic of the new scars, just after a wash.

I haven't even looked in the bag yet and I'm quite anxious to check it all out. Finding a new tag spot will be a challenge because of all the snow. If I put it under the snow, it can melt and it will be out in the open. I'll have to get a bit creative finding a spot. I'll get moved the next day that I can safely get out there.
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