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thanks for the insight wish there is more like this

Originally Posted by Uglyprimate View Post
I've had my '08 as my exclusive bike for over two years. (Aug '07)

For human sized people, it's not big enough for two up touring, it's not fast enough for comfortable interstate. The exception is you lucky folks with girlfriends who have an ass no bigger than a squirrel's.

If you're 70 on the interstate and want power to pass, the bike just says "Whaaaa?"

I bought a second hand FZ1 for superslab rides or for those times when you just want to be there. Unless I'm planning on dirt rides out west, the KLR will be for around town or slow touring where the only object is the direction.

FZ1 for vacation plans where the wife flys and I chase the airplane.

The greatest thing with a KLR is generally you still have money left over for more than one bike. My garage has 6 and I'm still under 10k total invested.

Insurance is dirt cheap, so are tires etc...

If I had to settle for just one bike, then yes, the KLR would remain. I'd just make sure I have plenty of time for travelling.
I like your comment's - Helps ...
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