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I cant wait to get rid of the sportster and get something light and nimble.
I have a dr650 which seems great for running at speeds up to about 90 mph street or dirt.
For the dirt, low weight seems critical, and the dr is a bit lighter then the KLR I think.
The dr is heavy for a dirt bike, and I cant imagine going heavier if I was dirt riding anything but smooth stuff.
Yes, you can go really fast in the dirt on a well set up dr, but its weight can hurt you in a fall.

All the dual sports are tall, and don't feel as good on the street as a street bike.
A lowered dr with street tires and a better seat would be a lot of fun.

In the old days, many street bikes made fair dirt bikes, just put high mud guards on and knobby tires...

My old Triumph Daytona (1969) was fun and fast in the dirt if it was not too rough, under 350 pounds and a very low center of gravity.

I am not sure a lot of riders realize the downside of a bike with a lot of suspension. Lots of upside over rough stuff, but there is a price to be paid.

Tall bikes with a lot of gas up high, likely makes for more crashes in many situations...
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