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Originally Posted by Shoganai
2. What was your first bike?

BMW R1150RT. Yup, I started right off on the big toys. Dropped it making a u-ttrn into the garage within the first hour of owning it. STALL... BANG! Back to the dealer to get head guards installed with my first service.

3. How do you feel about starting so late?
WhyTF did I wait so farging long??!! I've been a bicyclist for the last 18-ish years, so the two-wheeled controls weren't too foreign. Its absolutely amazing how much further you can go on a motorcycle than a bicycle!

4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru?
Bought the RT, started surfing MRN. Found about this place from Fish when he got banned over there. Started surfing ADVRider and saw that riding these DS bikes looked like an absolute hoot. I ride mtn bikes, road bikes, race track and cyclocross so having "one of each" sounded like a grand idea. I decided that I wanted a KTM 640ADV. Found one for a good deal coupla months ago and picked it up at the end of April. Now I'm learing dirt skillz and having a blast!

To answer the first question last, Mom still ain't happy her firstborn is riding around on a "deathsicle" but since Dad's had several and my next little brother has two bikes, she can't complain too much. She does make it a point to make sure I know she don't like the idea that her family is riding motorcycles pretty much every time we talk on the phone.

I was sitting in traffic, age 35, in my F150, driving somewhere around rush hour. Sitting on the 5 southbound, idling, when a few bikes passed me splitting lanes. Hmmm. A little later another few bikes passed me. Hmmmm. That looks like a GREAT IDEA! I think I'll get one! After all, I've wanted a bike all my life.

Decided I wanted a sport tourer 'cause I wanted bags to haul paperwork around. First choice: Aprilia Futura 'cause I love the looks. Second choice: BMW. Third choice: VFR. The Aprilia dealer wouldn't/couldn't get financing, so off the the BMW dealer I went. They floated an app. Salesguy and I sat around twiddling thumbs waiting for the computer to spit back an answer. I was fully expecting to have the salesguy look at me and say "sorry Mr. Shaw, but we can't finance you." When he raised his eyebrows and said "you're approved" you coulda knocked me over with a feather. Oh shit! This means I GOTTA BUY the thing! HOLY SHIT! WTF now?!

Since I didn't have a license, they wouldn't let me ride off with it so I had them deliver it to the office. Once there, I hopped on and took off. Took 30 days or so to get the permit, and another few months to get an appointment to take the test. Found out that riding a bike in traffic is a lot like racing bicycles, but the consequences of messing up are a lot bigger! I'm still not sure where exactly the limits of traction are on the bike and don't really wanna find out ala Steve and Jabba.

That was 24k mi ago on the RT and another 1000-ish on the ADV. Next: Ducati 916-996-998!

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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