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Hack dogs and sidecar

My two dogs are generally impatient and will bark and bark when I put on my helmet or if I hit the start button on my rig. Yesterday, I was adjusting some camera mount angles and they both, Murph and Dusty, looked so very disgusted in waiting for me to get my ass into gear and let them ride. It was funny to see the expression on their faces at the time. Sadness and frustration was pretty quickly removed, the instant the garage door opened up though. :-)

I had a Golden Retriever, named Buddy, several years back. Man, did I love that dog. He chewed through everything, in cluding my tv remotes, my wall in the laundry room, my expensive couch, several outside water hoses and sprinklers, pulled my plumbing out from the house once and a whole host of other things, but he was great. His smile and devotion was amazing and could make you laugh till you wet your pants, even when he did all of the above. I bought a cheap Wally World tent and filled it with straw. It was his "Pup Tent" and he really loved it, too. Goldens are great pals.

Murphy and Dusty, The Odd Couple:

Buddy, a real great pal:
A sidecar without a dog is just another sidecar.

There is a reason Dogs do not live as long as we do. They are your Resume' in Heaven...
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