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Originally Posted by Baja Dog Jimmy Sones View Post
Thanks Guys for not sharing the GPS files............. Gee I told G.G. not to share them........ but he did, with you......... so it's the last he'll EVER get from me.........especially not the new 110 miles of new trail G.G. doesn't know about. Baja Dog Jimmy Sones
So when can I get a ride on the new section?
As far as I'm concerned, GPS really takes the adventure out of it. I have never owned one and never will. I do all My navigating prairie dog style, stand up on the pegs for a better view and decide where to go from there. Most of these guys couldn't find the trails again if you took away there GPS's anyways.........

My one concession to modern technology is the spot tracker. As much stupid stuff as I do it may come in handy some day.......
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