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Originally Posted by ClearwaterBMW View Post
yes, i'm YEARS late to THIS "party"
i came upon this thread because of your link from the "LET'S SEE YOUR HACKS" thread

suspenseful and much, much more
i'm glad you made it home safely

interested in your travels, because i'm considering sending my bike 2,500 miles to see jay... now at DMC (the same guy from Dauntless... yes?)

dare i do that?
no one wants to HACK my GT
and i'm not willing to HACK my GS Adventure... because it's barely 2 months old
maybe i'll sell my GT and buy a barely used GS....
and HACK THAT....

who knows
i surely can't figure it out

thanks for the amazing RR....
great stuff
Yo Greg...

Thanks for the compliments on the story.

Don't blame "nobody" who don't want to hack yout GT. It's a lovely machine and adding a sidecar to cannot GT the whole rig or entertain the rig in GT fashion. Find yourself the latest 1150GGS as there are plenty of these around and have it hacked by one of the 3 fine Hack fabricators; DMC; CSM or Hannigan....!

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