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Originally Posted by Baja Dog Jimmy Sones View Post
Thanks Guys for not sharing the GPS files............. Gee I told G.G. not to share them........ but he did, with you......... so it's the last he'll EVER get from me.........especially not the new 110 miles of new trail G.G. doesn't know about. Baja Dog Jimmy Sones
Awesome that you are here on ADV. I wanted to say that the DA have much respect for you and the things you have created that others, like me, get to enjoy.

We are trying to keep up the Baja tradition of loving her and taking care of her. I hope to make roost with many of you some day soon.

Not sure who is claiming they pull me out of the silt but yeah sometimes things happen and I've only been pulled out of the silt in Loreto recently so I'm guessing T the SCORE course marker or B who is his sidekick.

GPS... sure you guys are gnarly and say you don't need anything with you..... but..... I think I remember better than most but when the chips are down or it's dark and there are no land marks I admit I have some back up. In this day I think it's dumb not to have a GPS, Sat phone and a Spot Tracker... I don't care what you call me, I have my style and you have yours.

I will never share a GPS route no matter how many times asked. There are too many places many people shouldn't be.

Viva Baja
With love for our boy Jeff, RIP OX
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