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Hi Pete...

Good info! I am sure this has been addressed before but cannot find it here on ADV. The 155/15 is narrower then the 165/15...does this have adverse effects on the ride/performance? Isn't the tire a bit smaller in circumference? Sorry, I am a noob about the car tire. I know you're busy, Claude, but can you chime in?

The 155 is slightly smaller in rolling diameter. This is not a bad thing at all.The 165 which is by far more popular is alittle lareger than what is normally the stock bike tire diameter. WE ARE SPLITTING HAIRS HERE AS THE FIGURES ARE QUITE CLOSE. Also there can be some variance between manufaturers no matter what size is stamped on the sidewall.
Gary Haynes (fornerly hack'd magazine and sidecar magic shoppe) who you met in W.Va. last year opted to mount a 155 on our wheel conversion for his BMW GT. He has been coast to coast twice now with no issues.
The 155 will typically cost more than the 165.Tire wear is about the same. Only real difference on a day to day basis is cost.

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