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wow that is a load for that 4.0, even with it being a pop up camper. I have drive a few v6 DCs and they were dogs pulling any kind of hill or load, especially with oversized tires and stock gears.

I pulled a loaded to the gills 6x12 uhaul trailer with a ton of heavy stuff plus the bed filled up all the way from San Diego to Seattle through all the passes with my Tacoma and it was a champ. No issues at all. I've driven it cross-country a few times and loved it in the passes especially going up to Vegas from San Diego.....I'm stock at 265/70r16's but they are a lot heavier with the BFG AT's I went with.

Only thing I don't like is with a canopy and then towing the back sags a little more than I'd like. I'm going to do a 2" front lift and put on an add-a-leaf once I get an ARB bumper and winch on it....

My only other issue that I've had is the temp/direction sensor went out but its an easy fix and should take 15 minutes once I find my soldering tool.

I've been very impressed with my 2006 Tacoma at 75k cost me $2k more than a comparable mid-size truck but the resale is so awesome that I've never been underwater on it compared to the other trucks.

For all the complaints about how big it is and how it's not like the old simple ones.....I've had enough 4cyl small trucks. I want a crew cab that can seat 4 adults and has a little more room.....I also want to be able to tow a little and have some power.....without being stuck driving around a full size truck
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