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Originally Posted by Doug Matson View Post
It all depends, I have looked for a good running mint condition 70' in the blue/green color for along time. Last week I found one and paid $2225 for it. I could have had a gold or red one for less but the bike I had new in 1970 was what i was looking for and paid for. Lot of us old farts are looking for the bikes they had and have the money to get them. If it's mint and you can get it running it will go for a good price.
key work being mint. what is mint? no disrespect to the OP but a bike with 4000 miles while I'm sure can be in good/very good/really nice condition, mint opens up a whole new level in my book.

mint bikes will bring good money but only to a point. like anything else. even new in a crate an early 70's 350 Honda will only bring X $$.

so what will one with 4000 miles bring? and if someone bought it for XYZ he might never get half that even if he tried to sell it the next day for months and months after.

so generally speaking, a "mint" 350 Honda, and I am a very big fan of 70's Honda's at this stage of my life, is worth $2000-$2500 tops but again, mint means mint.
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