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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Oh YES. You really do want to find that road
I mean really kick ass, real adventure stuff .
70mph dirt roads for miles, and then 1st gear muddy rut manuevers for miles, and lots of in-between, for miles, and miles.
And NO PEOPLE for miles.

And definitely use Ladukabob's link (you quoted above) to the Horse Heaven Mines and Ghost towns, it will add some fun.

DO NOT go ride it when it is wet, or has been wet recently.
I picked a reasonably dry day, and it was big time rut city in many places from the ranch trucks going through all winter to feed their cattle.
There is no gravel there, and while mud can be fun, it will get a bit tiring after 70 miles of it.

Oh yes, I rode. And rode and rode.
It was just a bit colder for the start than last Thursday was, so I hung out in Government camp for an extra 1/2 hour,
and had an extra cup of coffee while the road thawed a bit.
The long road to Twickenham was really fun, and I WILL post a proper report.
I'm thinking of camping at Wildcat or Whistler Campground and exploring the area for a few days, probably need the weather to warm up a bit though. Would June be too early?
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