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Originally Posted by NickW1 View Post
Need a little help, my trusty 1992 K75 would not start yesterday, here’s what I have checked.
· Battery: great shape, cranks the engine like a banshee.
· Fuel: Filter changed last year, tank nice and clean, good gas.
· Plugs: four months old gaped properly.
· Kill switch in correct position.
SO, I pulled a plug and the plug had fuel on it, though I may have flooded it; however, I grounded the plug against the engine and cranked her over….yep… no spark. Checked engine ground that was good, checked the other plugs and they too would not spark. So that leaves the coils or the ignition control unit. My money’s on the ignition control unit; however, is there something I’m missing, something really simple? Many thanks in advance.
i had a similar problem on a '95 k75. turned out to be a loose coil wire.
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