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Originally Posted by rich_mc View Post

Guess the biggest thing is that I like the wheels and single sided swingarm of the Speed better, but have doubts that something I can't even see while riding is worth an extra $3-4K...

I can help you here.

First and foremost, that kind of price spread you are looking at a base Street Triple, avoid those, its WELL worth the money to get the R that has a MUCH MUCH better suspension and brakes, the Streets non-adjustable forks are to light for anything more that urban commuting if you are in the neighborhood of 200lbs, I manged to bottom them setting up for corners at about 225lbs geared....on the street, not even charging corners, that was slowing for an off-ramp.

The R is WELL worth the premium to get the Daytona's forks and brakes.....
.....and the Phantom Black is drop dead sexy.

If you are the type (like me) that usually has to many projects to let other people do their maintenance, that single sider is a dream.

You can change the sprokets and chain with the bike on its SIDE stand, and if you get a reversible rear stand you can literally have the rear tire off the bike in about 5 minutes from entering the garage.

This makes rear maintenance a LOT easier.

Rear wheel alignment? What rear alignment, you can't get it wrong, and chain adjustments take all of 2 minutes you literally loosen a pinch bolt and give the eccentric a tug and you are off.

All in all the Street R is a better all around bike then a 2005-2010 Speed Triple, HOWEVER the Speed Triple is physically bigger and much more stable, and easier bike to ride than a Street which tends toward high-strung everything RIGHT think it and the bike is halfway there

So I bought a Daytona and kept my old Speed Triple I get both.
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