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Been looking at guitars again. I've been thinking about maybe getting a Les Paul Standard to go with my Gibson Les Paul Jr BJA. Although one of the big complaints I've been hearing is with the channeling Gibson does on all the Standards now. Not to mention still asking $2800 for one.

I also looked at the Epiphones. I noticed they have a 50th Anniversary that's supposed to be more like the '58-'60 Gibson. Solid body and the old Burstbucker pickups and the fat 50's neck. Seems like a better deal then to buy the Gibson Studio with the satin finish and the 490R and 498T Alnico 2's. Gibson also has the Studio 60's Tribute which has P90's and a plain top for $50 less then the Epi.

I was looking at the Epiphone Standard Plus but the 50th looks more like what I'm after, otherwise, I'd save some and just get the Standard Plus.

Think I should go for it?
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