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Just Paul, 2x1foo, BDKW1, PAB Ė Thanks guys, much appreciation.

Personally I wouldnít be able to find my own house if I didnít have it marked as a waypoint, but I always figured that the only ones that donít like GPSs donít because they canít figure out how to use them.


Dear Mr. Sones,

I donít know you, but I know that you are THE MAN. As one of the main contributors to these majestic single-lines I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done. I know how much hard work goes into making trails, BABs and I both do. Plus, donít worry about little old me; I didnít even spin out the rear on the opening hill of the Rock Trail, on Georgeís bike or mine, and maybe put my feet down twice on two trips up, promise.

Even more, George made us deposit our GPSs in the scorpion pit nightly for safekeeping, each morning they were whipped clean with the next dayís route on them. I still donít know how he got them out but you know George, heís crazy.
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