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[QUOTE=Apple Jam;15180232]OBCDR is VERY MUCH on my list this year.
mtbdemon SAYS he'll do it with me, You listening mtbdemon???
It's on MortimerSickle's "Dream Rides" list on his profile.......

Sounds like an ADV EVENT ! My calendar is filling up with fun stuff, not counting my weeklies, but the first half of July is light, and so is the second half of September, or just after WetFest in Tumalo.

When will it work for you?

[QUOTE=Maxacceleration;15180140]Sheesh I need to boot my kids & little woman responsibilities...
Yeah, that crosses my mind waaay more often than it should, but I'm tired of saying that I "shouldn't" do this ride or that ride,
and I'm gonna do 'em all anyway.

Fuck it, I gots some shit to see, and a life to LIVE.
Sounds corny, but that's where I'm at, at 48 years old.

PS: and I remember that pic from your beer run thread, but I don't think it is Mill Creek Rd.
I don't recognize it with the bridge

Edit: Looks like maybe the botton of Husky Rd towards Mosier, maybe.
Down the hill & to the East off of Elder Rd and The Dalles Mtn Rd
So when are you thinking of doing the OBCDR?

And if you are talking about the photo with the two bikes on the bridge, that's the bridge over Rock Creek.
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