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Feb 8th, Day 2

The temperature was in the high 20 when I woke so I was in no hurry to get going. The forecast said it would warm quickly. At 9:00 it was 30 degrees so I took off. It was very windy but it did warm quickly eventually getting to the low 60's and sunny but the wind was constant at about 30 mph with gusts to 40.

Today's scenery was just a pretty as yesterday. The route had more gravel then yesterday and included parts of the Three Twisted Sisters.

Kyle Ranch Road:

Hondo Creek Crossing, This was a very neat crossing although like most of the Texas crossing they are very slick and if you are not extremely carefully you can end up taking a bath.

Along County Road 211, don't ask me the county:

Overlooking Seco Creek:

Along W. Sabinal Road:

Overlooking the East Frio River:

Cliffs along the Guadalupe River. The road that followed the river was beautiful twisty road:

This is the beginning of Kent Creek Road. This was one of my favorites but parts were not big bike friendly. About half a mile of the road was in the creek bed. There was no much water to deal with but many of the rocks were the size of grapefruits and even larger. Staying on the pegs and letting the pig roll around underneath me was the key to keeping it upright through that seciton.

Kent Creek Road about where you enter the creek bed, I did take pictures of the creek bed but they did not come out.

I ended up staying in Camp Wood for the night at the Woodbine Inn. They were very friendly.

All in all it was a beautiful day riding even if it was windy. I do a lot of riding in Kansas. I can handle the wind. However according to the weather forecast that wind was bring in some cold weather with freezing rain and ice. I figured if it was that bad I could also stay an extra day at Camp Wood.
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