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Originally Posted by NJ-GS View Post
This one's going back. Was able to cut it with grade-school scissors.

The only thing "steel" about it is the color.
I have worked at several restaurant running kitchens. Several years ago now I ended up starting at the bottom (IE, newbie) of a new chain. The "chef" was younger than me by a few years and wasnt too bad, but really was an idiot about some stuff. He "swore by" those mesh cut proof gloves. i knew better. Chain or nothing for me. They also didnt bother sharpening any of their knives. I brought my own that were proper. One day in an arguing match with him about these "cut proof mesh gloves" I finally set on on a cutting board and cut 2 fingers off with one of my knives in one smooth slice. Bunch of the other cooks sat looking wide eyed cause they trusted him that these things actually worked.
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Originally Posted by Martin Blank
loner, lonegunman, get it. Thatís the whole point. I like the lifestyle, the image. Look a the way I dress.
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Cavemen must've designed them shortly after inventing the wheel.
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