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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
I'm open still on exactly when.
I figure I need the very first person to step up and set a date with me, then there is the date, and the rest can come along if it works for them.
So let's see less talkin', and more action !
I can't put together any dates yet for Or trips I want to get involved in. But I'd guess there is snow in most of those Mt Hood areas.
Really I have mucho freedom to ride.

Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Down the hill & to the East off of Elder Rd
Sounds about right and as Craig says. We just winged it through the area after some miscued gps routing.

My OBDR maps will be here any day. I will consult with my Wenatchee buddy and put together a date. I think with his time allowed we may only be doing part of the OBDR.

I have to ride to Spearfish SD also this summer to scatter ashes...

I will follow this thread closely.
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