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I'm probably about half-way through my trip, so here are some feedback on the bike.

Odometer, total: 36'458 km
Into the trip: 32'221 km

Oil usage: none.
Fuel usage: around 4.5 l/100 km

Sprockets / chain

I'm still running on the original ones. They're till good after 36'000 km, I'm very impressed.


Tyres used: 3 front, 3 rear. The first set (original Pirelli street tyres) I dumped in Istanbul only half-worn, to put TKC 80s. The 2nd set I changed in Dubai with the front still OK and the rear almost finished, for Metzler Karoo. The 3rd rear I changed in Addis for a Karoo again, the previous was completely slick after 11'000 km. The 3rd front I changed here in Nairobi, again almost slick after 15'000 km. I should have been able to make it all the way here with only 2 sets if I've been to do the changes when I intended to do, but to be able to ride 2-up I've been forced to change them a bit early.

In summary, I'm disappointed by the Karoo, they wear off too quickly. The TKC 80 were OK. I need to test the Heidenau when I get to South Africa.

Break downs

No show-stopper so far, only minor issues.

I have an issue with the breather of the fuel tank which can bring it to a stop. Still not entirely solved, but in case it happens again I can just open the lid to let air in and that's it.

The valve cover gasket is leaking, but nothing significant, it's just dirty.

The coolant circuit developed a bubble, which means the pump wasn't circulating it and the bike was overheating. Once I've found out how to bleed it, it was back to normal.

Finally, the rear 2 indicator lights don't work anymore. They stopped working at the same time, so it's probably in the cable harness. I can't be bothered looking into it, so I just ignore it.

The engine is running like clockwork.

Broken bits

The pannier rack has taken a beating with a few lie-downs, so it needed some attention here, straigthening it up and welding a broken bit. I have ridden the last few days with a strap to secure it until here. The panniers are still strong, even though they aren't completely waterproof anymore.

The plastic chain guard was broken in 2 places, fixed with glue and cable ties.

The front rim has got a severe dent in one place. I just ignore it, it's fine like this.

The bolt holding the top part of the shock was bent, I had it replaced here (Chris's got some in stock because it's such a common problem with the F800GS).

The shock itself is quite a bit weaker than when I started, which is not unexpected. I need to be careful and it'll make it to South Africa where I can fix/change it.

That's it folks. Nothing serious and I've never been stopped for more than 5 minutes. What more can you ask for ?

2006-2007 Mongolia - Pamir - India - Nepal
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