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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Well what do you know, there he is !! Snuck in while I was writing my post.

I like your attitude about this ride .
I'd love to ride with you on this, Asrvivor, we kinda missed the ride part last time we met on our Barlow Trail ride.

mrmagoolin wanted to do a portion of this at the North end, I don't know where/can't find where Lakeview is,
but we could include him and start in Walla Walla, just across the border.....

Are you guys thinking 5 days, or 7 days.....
Hey Applejam, I'm bringing about $4000 worth of camera and lenses. So ya, I'm gonna stop at every little frickin neat lookin view I see. I know Mark will be OK with this. We don't have to ride the whole thing in one day. We'll go as fast as the slowest and not push anyone. And start the day when the rooster stops crowing. Oh and I plan on stopping before dark. I hate setting up camp in the dark. Gives no time to bullshit around the fire about how well we rode that day.
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