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Originally Posted by Brian-M View Post
I've been away from VFRs since 2004, but that's all I knew for the decade before that. I never heard of fitting a relay to the reg/rec ~ but they are WELL known for burning out the diodes (not all at one time) so the rectifying of AC to DC would stop. As mentioned, the plug between the Reg/Rec and the stator/battery/ground was a known failure point, to the point of melting/catching on fire. Clean/inspect/replace as needed. After burning my first, I never burned another (dielectric grease packed).
On my '94 (rather a different machine from the '86 in other respects), I simply removed this connector and permanently connected (and sealed) the wires together. It's a permanent modification, but I figured that the only time I'll need to pull that connector apart would be either:
a) to inspect and re-pack it with grease
b) because I need to replace the stator

I'm comfortable with cutting and splicing my wiring should I ever need to get into it, and now I don't need to ever inspect and re-pack that connector. It's an option to consider, anyway. Otherwise, absolutely keep that thing packed with grease and regularly inspected.

Originally Posted by Brian-M View Post
Doesn't mean the Reg/Rec will stay alive. People have swapped in all manor of replacements, none worked better than OEM but since you can get them for about $10 at junkyards it's a cheap fix.
Whether or not you agree with Brian-M about the OEM R/R, the key here is that junkyards offer modern units (with cooling fins!!!) at very low prices. R/Rs are pretty much all the same sort of thing, so you don't need the OEM unit, nor even a bespoke replacement, in order to get a good one. So long as the charging system of the bike it comes off of is similar in capacity, you can make it work. You may need to modify the connectors and perhaps add a sensor wire to do so, however.

If you don't already understand 12V systems, a bit of study will help you avoid the signature problem of the VF and VFR series of motorcycle. If you do have problems, as already stated, VFRD, the garage here, and the VFR owners thread, are all great resources.

Enjoy that VF!
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