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I put KTM folding mirrors on my 06 640 Adventure. I wanted to be able to fold the mirrors out of the way.

I was riding in Death Valley last fall when the elbow section of the mirror bent forward during a get off. I found out the mirror base is designed to fail (break off at the mount) to prevent injury. Mine half failed bending at the mount, bending it back would make it even weaker. I also discovered other 640 owners had the mirror fail the same way just by riding gravel/rocky roads. I question the need for this fail safe feature in a folding mirror, especially one used off road.

Here is the failure mechanism

The M10 thread narrows down to 4mm. Mine is bent.

Henri the US distributor for FAR of Italy, is aware of this and has tried to get FAR to do something about it. He has supported me and the rest of his customers, but this is a design problem. I look forward to an improved design from FAR but don't expect it any time soon.

In the mean time I found a way around this problem that allows you to put your mirror paddles back to into use.

The mirror paddle has an M8 thread where it connects to the elbow. Using an M8 joining nut you can mount a RAM ball on the end of the stem. RAM does not make an M8 threaded ball so you need to make one. Take one of your RAM ball mounts then cut off the base and cut an M8 thread on the shaft. Using RAM components you can make a RAM ball vise.

Once you have a RAM ball on the stem there are lot of options to mount to your mirror mount.

I have a RAM ball with an M10 thread screwed into my mirror mount and used RAM short arms to connect the paddles.

Fully adjustable with reliable, replaceable parts.
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