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Originally Posted by DoctorIt View Post
I think actually the other way around - DA in the past was the only group where you had trim (which now has also been eliminated). At one point in 1999 I actually ended up with an Ultegra kit on a cylocross bike, and it definitely did NOT have trim. Especially after switching to smaller chainrings, it would always rub. I ended up just ditching the cable and running a single ring on a chain guide up front.

Well yes, I do have to trim it to stop the chuffing noise.

On a completely different topic, I just sold a bunch of bikes and rollers, etc to get one of these -

But it's been years since I've done MTN biking. I really want a bear trap type pedal that also has an inert clipless SPD or Crank Brothers type etc easy contact. But I also like to have the bear trap when things get slow and technical, and I've tried the eggbeater's in tight mud single track and hated them.

So what do you MTN rider's think of these-

Shimano PD M324

They look like they would be fun for urban casual commuting too.
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