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But it's been years since I've done MTN biking. I really want a bear trap type pedal that also has an inert clipless SPD or Crank Brothers type etc easy contact. But I also like to have the bear trap when things get slow and technical, and I've tried the eggbeater's in tight mud single track and hated them.

So what do you MTN rider's think of these-

Shimano PD M324

They look like they would be fun for urban casual commuting too.[/QUOTE]

I like em I've got on two bikes,both are road bikes.we've got a lot stoplights on hills I've had problems clicking in to road pedals. these can be pedaled w/o clicking in, or other than bike shoes. be sure to set them loose at first to get used to them. Also don't be tempted to buy the cheaper brands stick with Shimano.
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