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some thoughts

I cannot speak to each of your questions as I have not had any other similar thumper to compare it to. But here's my thoughts on questions I can speak towards...

How is the all-day comfort?
I flew to Vegas and bought this bike. Rode it back to Colorado Springs. Granted it was a new bike so I was excited to be on it... But I was happy with how it did. I think it took me 16 hours of pavement driving. The main thing that I struggled w/ was my butt. I ordered up a Renazco seat straight away when I got home! Since then, I have not had such a long trip on it...but I have done a few 6 hour stretches at a time. It is a you have to obvioulsy understand that you are not on a Harley, but once you get past's really not all that bad.

Quirks to iron out?
The only issue I've had is that the clutch gave out on me. I had to replace a seal and that was it. Lot's of good info on here on how to fix things yourself. I think it cost me like 5 bucks is all.

Reliability/ease of maintenance? (DR is reliable as a hammer and just as easy to service)
See above...

Those who ride a 640 as their only bike, does it leave you wanting anything?
I also currently have a CRF450 but haven't barely ever used it. I mostly use the 640 as my only bike. Does it leave me wanting more? Sure. Anytime I'm on a real roadtrip, I wish I had a road bike. Everytime I am doing single track trails, I think that I wish I had the CRF. (or actually an EXC ) I like to ride though, so I typically don't trailer that bike to a trailhead. Bottom line is that you are giving up some from each world when you go with this size of a dual sport. That's the case no matter what manufacture you're on though. I think that this bike is probably the best bike that can handle both really well. I've heard that maybe the KLR's or 650gs are probably a bit better on the HWY...but I don't know that they handle the trails as well. If you are doing mostly hwy and just dirt roads than maybe you should look at the Adventure 990? I had one of those first, and it was perfect for those two combinations. Only problem is that it gave me the itch to be in the dirt more. I'm not a good enough rider to do singletrack type stuff w/ the 990 so I went to the 640. Wow... maybe alot of obvious, useless info I gave ya there, but I tried anyway! haha.

Originally Posted by ShadyRascal View Post
Okay I have a question for 640 Adventure guys. I know given the forum thread here what the general consensus will be, but looking for all the info I can get. (I will also be reading and sifting through the thousands of pages here, but looking for specific comparison comments)

Have any of you gone from a DR650 to a 640 Adventure? I've been on a DR650 for a few years, and it's been a very good bike. Just that I am apparently going to be limited to a one-bike situation, and thinking on upgrading in some way.

I am in western Montana and ride pave roads and dirt roads. Not much single track and technical stuff, but some. Occasional longer trips as time allows.

The DR has worked fine for this.......but thinking I want *something* a little better before spending more on the Zooki. Thus far I've put suspension and exhaust improvments and it has decent power. I have a windscreen and like keeping the blast off my chest.

So, the questions:

How are the rumored engine vibrations in relation to any other thumper? (Mainly curious at highway speed)

How is the all-day comfort?

Quirks to iron out?

Reliability/ease of maintenance? (DR is reliable as a hammer and just as easy to service)

Those who ride a 640 as their only bike, does it leave you wanting anything?

Thanks in advance for any advice, comments, slap-downs and heckling.

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