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Originally Posted by chambersc View Post
Can you explain a couple of these to the idiot newbie for me?

What are the "HT" leads?

How did you go about fitting a rely to the rectifier and what does that do for it?

And I hear some people say the rear shock can't be rebuilt and then others say to do it? I assume I can at lest tear it down and change the fluid in it nd possible replace seals?

Lastly, I've read a couple of things about people eliminating the fuel pump entirely and just running the bike as a traditional gravity feed system? Is this possible without issues?
As someone else mentioned HT leads are the plug leads or spark plug - coil leads or whatever you want to call them. I suppose this is another Anglo - American barrier.

Rear shocks I just drained and refilled them, they held air, no leaks and whilst soft compared to other bikes this is the spring not the damper. Also the seal I could get was ridiculously priced. Heres an exciting picture of me filling the shock back up, make sure the top bush is free and well greased

Rectifiers mine have cooling fins, all 3 VF's all have cooling fins on their rectifiers. Then again in their mid 20's they have all probably been changed at least once.

The rectifiers burn out on the yellow 3 phase wire side due to poor connection, tighten them up and they don't burn out.

The other plug has similar issues but in all honesty don't even bother with it.

My wiring mods are;

extra earthing which helps everything.

Earth the rectifier directly to the chassis or like me direct to the battery.

Black wire is from the ignition switch this switches the relay, the new wire direct from the battery goes to the relay which feeds the rectifier the true battery voltage.

This means it sees the battery voltage not the voltage drop after passing through the loom and ignition switch etc etc So the battery isn't constantly being charged and the rest of the things on the bike like the bulbs, cdi, pump etc get an easier time.

that's a pretty poor description on how to do it, I will get pictures of how I did it tomorrow if the weather holds. I do this mod to all my bikes as it works great.

Another good mod is a relay to the headlight, Means the bulb gets a constant stable supply and it takes the load off an ageing loom.

Gravity feed won't work, the tank design means even if you have the tank full and no hose connected it doesn't just run out, you need the pump to draw it out.

So you need the pump, you can mod them to make them last longer like the KTM guys but I have never heard of an issue with them on the vf's
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