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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
No, bike's are as expensive as scooters generally, but the burgman (and
majesty/silverwing) is a special case for some reason, they're hugely overpriced.

All Jap bikes (and scoots) went up in prices in the last 2 years by a lot.. only
Kawasaki remained about the same.

I really enjoy riding my ER6F, but other then it being fun, it's not checking
any of the other important boxes (cheap to run, practicality/storage, 2up
comfort, wind protection, no-gears smoothness for around town etc) and
I can only afford to keep one bike, and even that is streching it a bit if
it's anything over 250cc.

I should just probably get the Downtown 300 and be done with it, but I've gotta
sell my Kwak and my car first, and no one even called in 2 months that they've
been in online ads!
Yea, I think a Downtown 300 will work well for you. If its a decent price, then I'd say go for it! I sure like the new 300!

Also is a SYM an option over there? The RV 250 is cheaper here, but it is a serious 250 scooter. It has the performance of almost a 400, acceleration is about the same, and top speed is close at 91 MPH as SYM claims.

But if its not, the Downtown is a fantastic scooter, everyone wants one! Or any of the other scoots available.
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