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Wicked the project that shouldn't be

Projects come and go mentally, I contemplate them and then research. The start of it is in the mind as one considers the options and work that maybe need to finish it, and then, is it worth the effort? This project is one that I have put through the mental stages many times and have always come to the conclusion that it is not worth the effort. There are better bikes to build, better performance, better handling, and less weight. Logic has won out time after time, but this time I have to build it. I have to get the idea out of my head so that I can go on. If it flops then that fine, at least I have it out of my head and can move on. So now that this is solved next up is what model would work best? This takes lots of research and time. It is a bike that I am not familiar with so I start from scratch. Joining forums and reading all I can absorb. This studying lead me to the xl1200s, basically is is Harley's Screaming Eagle edition. Dual plug lighting heads, 10:1 compression and single fire ignition. In the suspension department we have fully adjustable forks and shocks, with dual disk brakes and twin piston calipers. None of that maters thought because it just good ebay stuff because we are going to change this out for MX suspension.

Now that the introduction is done here is where we start

the thing that causes me the most concern is the rear suspension. It is stock with dual shocks and moves in a 1.14:1 ratio. Not ideal if you want a suspension that is matched front to rear with lots of travel. So out comes the math and the mock up for travel with different shock placements.

after a lot of work I come up with a workable 1.73:1 ratio and a single shock mount with possibilities of 2:1 and a little longer swingarm. Shock placement ala ATK. It works for me and frees up room.

Next up is drawing up a steering stem to mount the forks triples with and use stock HD bearings.

The stem drawings are sent off to the machine shop and the swingarm to BTRmoto. Wheels are at woody's and I am in a holding pattern waiting on parts

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