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Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post

you're clever enough to modify the 650R lever if you don't want to buy a new one.
Maybe not clever but frugal, fo-sho. don't look too closely but I had to weld on some plate so the brake clevis hole could be rotated into the versys position. Saved myself 50 bucks.

I'll need to find a ninja replacement brake pedal. I 'm keeping everything to convert it back to a ninja and this is the first ninja part to be harmed in the process so far. Luckily, ninja pedal should be far easier to find than versys pedal.

New wheel for my cush setup arrived so time to lace things up. Woody's had sent me some stainless spokes and ebay provided this Moose Racing rim; $100. I used to work for MR when it was Mom and Pop. (Things have changed a bit)

Now I need to build a truing stand. anyone know a good thread?

Phase One is almost complete. (Phase One being modify bike and see how it rides)

next up:

Make adjustable sidestand. The suspension changes have raised the bike and i now need to place a 3.5 inch block under the foot to park the bike. I guess I could carry a chunk of 4x4 with me but the folks at the feed store might not think that's too cool.

Plan B would be to weld in a 3.5 inch extension to lengthen the thing. Then I would be stuck with having to get another stock ninja stand for converting the bike back to normal.

Plan C is to make the sidestand adjustable. This would allow me to use it in Thinja mode, Ninja mode and thirdly, Sumo mode. I went to the trouble of doing the KTM forks so I could use the spoked KTM 17s I have in the Parts Bin. Here's a fancy solution but for $150 I can probably buy another project bike.

I'm leaning towards the adjustable threaded insert method unless anybody else knows better.
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