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I'm home and things don't seem promising...

Got home tonight 1100 miles later round trip and I'm thinking I may have a boat anchor for a motor on my hands. Been parked for years, etc, etc. When we pulled it out of the shed, the spark plugs were out!!!!!

I asked why and he tells me "I had them out to check them and never put them back."

I loaded up the bike, came back home 532 miles, and began to tinker a bit. Got the carbs soaking in the magic pine sol mixture at the moment as they were very slow and sticky moving.

Meanwhile, I tossed it in gear and attemped to turn the rear when and couldn't! Pulled the stator cover, put a breakover on the bolt and couldn't turn it that way either! (Mind you, no spark plugs)

I pulled valve covers to check for cam galling and there's rust on a few places on the cams and holders.

Grabbed a 17mm wrench, pulled the drain plug, and got half a quart of water before I got oil. I'm guessing this thing is rusted seized. If that ends up being the case, I guess I'm going to part it out. Forks, swingarm, wheels, dash, carbs, hand controls, brakes, airbox, etc. Just gain back what I spent and call it a lost cause. We'll see.

Just as an attempt I hosed down the cams and holders liberally with Marvel Mystery oil and then filled the cylinders with it. Even if it does break free, I have a fear if I get the carbs cleaned up, stuff a battery and fresh gas in it, its going to be a ticking time bomb.

Let me add one piece of input to the scenario... I paid $250 for a 17,000 mile complete bike with a title. I figure I can recoup that in parting it out if I have to. Not going to recoup the trip, but the girlfriend and I had a good time and that was worth the drive and hotel. I'm not going to fret about that part.

Thoughts, input, cajoling, insults?
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