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So the 'mechanic' for the local event center comes in with a taco-ed rear wheel a while back.

I need 2 new ones...

K. $30 ea

Wheels come in in their nifty QBP boxes. 'Mechanic' comes in, pays, takes em back.

Today he comes back aggravated. These aren't the right wheels.

Ummm k. They're coaster brakes wheels...

The rims are too thin.


Yeah, the rims are too thin. People are gonna get hurt riding these.

(me examining the wheel) Its a double wall rim. It'll be fine. Its actually a better rim than the one that was on there.

I don't care. They don't match. These tires are too big for these little rims.

Ummm these are mtn bike rims. They'll fit tires wider than those (pointing at tires on the old wheel in his hand)

Its not safe. Get me these wheels. I brought it in so you could get the number off it and order the right stuff.

(me thinking QBP only has one coaster brake wheel... and looking at J&B's catalog)

Can you get me the right wheel?

Maybe. They don't list the rim in this list.

I brought you the wheel. Write the number down and order it.

Ummmm... I'll try but they don't list the rim on these wheels.

See right here. Write this down and just order me the right wheel.

In my professional opinion this wheel is a better wheel than the one you have in your hand and will work better than the one that was on there.

I don't care. Order me the right wheel.

All righty then! I'll get one ordered.

Gaaaaa effing idiots! What part about BETTER THAN WHAT'S ON THERE don't you understand?! Now, not matching I can understand, but that wasn't one of the criteria mentioned when you ordered the wheels in the first place. You said replacement wheel. I got you something better but you STILL don't understand and want inferior stuff?

Okey dokey then. You want it, you'll get it. a marked up price for the PITA factor!

#$%#$^&$%^%$ stupid people Gaaa! Its like arguing with a brick wall. Gets you nowhere and your head hurts afterwards!

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