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xr250r vs. xr250l

I'm looking for a cheap (<$1500) light dualsport to replace my NX125. I want more power and better suspension but also something lighter and more friendly than my drz400s for tight northeastern trails.

I am a fairly slow rider and my usual activity is just exploring trails, not trying to keep up with anyone.

I have read tons of rave reviews of the xr250r, and it sounds perfect except that i need a bike that can be plated in PA. I am assuming it's next to impossible to get an XR250R plated here. That leaves me with the xr250l (if i can find one).

What are the functional differences between these models?

For a 1994 I am finding 108kg/238lbs dry for the R and I can't find a weight for the xr250l. Wikipedia says it weights about 40lbs more. Can the xr250r parts be swapped on to drop the weight down? Is the XR250l as nice to ride as the R or is the suspension significantly downgraded?

Any advice or experience is appreciated, thanks!
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