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I forgot to get pics of the rectifier set up. sorry will do when the snow stops!

Anyway, seized engine, most likely it will run again, how well without opening it up is another matter.

I have freed off a few locked solid engines and some have gone on to do mega miles afterwards.

Horrible noises, one that a friend bought made terrible noises then it would stop eventually, I told him it was most likely the chain and guides but hes not bothered to repair it and it still motors on.

The one my sister uses I knocked together in the back garden out of a few engines. Works fine took no time at all either. The engine that was in that bike came to me with the carbs off and no plugs and the bores and inlet ports full of water. I have yet to actually look into it.

Heres some pics of the other engine I fixed to put in my sisters bike, no compression on the rear cylinders, turned out to be dirty valve seats, a quick lapping sorted.

I have more pictures, in fact I am a mod on another non bike site but have done reports over on it of my bike shenanigans. if anyone is interested in seeing them I can provide links to them.
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