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Paco Lopez
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It snowed last night so the egg and I decided to stay inside rather than risk life and limb (not that he has any limbs).

The egg was musing about what it would be like to try on someone else's skin so I obliged:
First it was banana style:

Then we went for clementine style:

Then we realized it was taking on too much of a Buffalo Bill/Silence of the Lambs vibe so we stopped.

Then the egg went to play with the dog for a bit:

I didn't have a destination in mind when I grabbed the egg, I just wanted to save him from the high tide and add my mark so I figure he can hang out here for a few days while dig out my Dremel.

I have some big trips coming up in the next few weeks but they weren't supposed to be bike trips. I may have to punt him back out into the cold before I leave unless I can come up with something epic quick.

While I'm hanging onto him I have some thoughts about "improvements", more on that in a bit.
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