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Further thoughts on the logistics of the egg:

The writing on the back of the case that was meant to prevent overzealous DHS agents from calling in the EOD team has worn off. REI sells a small black waterproof Pelican case with a clear lid displaying the words "Official Geocache" that looks much less intimidating than a camo sack and should theoretically preclude any EOD incidents should it be found by the officials. I would also think most civilians have at least heard of geocaching and would be less likely to abscond with it if they stumble across it. I would still leave the laminated note inside as backup. I may take a ride out there to see if the egg fits and swap it for the camo sack if nobody objects:
Geocache Case

I was also thinking about dropping a Chirp in with the egg. It's a tiny waterproof homing beacon with 1 year battery life that can be picked up by a compatible GPS from about 30 feet away. This could help to prevent situations like the one in Maryland where somebody couldn't find the egg and left thinking they'd been bruced but it depends on having a compatible GPS receiver. I would also worry about non-ADVers in the vicinity detecting the Chirp with their GPS because as far as I know there's no way to restrict the broadcast to only a select few. The more I think about it the more I think this is a bad idea.

And thirdly I noticed that there's a USB memory stick in the entourage now. I spent my snow/presidents day going back through the thread and compiling a list of everywhere the tag has been (I noticed Blinkerfluid stopped updating the map a long time ago). I plan on dropping this list on the memory stick so it can be updated as the tag travels. I will post the list I've created in a separate post so you can see if I made any errors before I drop the tag again and PM me with corrections.
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