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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
It's not officially recommended by Nutech but there are plenty of people running it successfully on their 690s and 950 SEs which come with 18"x2.5" rims. You can choose a tire with a thicker sidewall for extra insurance.
cool, thanks LM.

I was going to build a truing stand but then I saw this in the Parts Bin; the f4i swingarm that came with the shock i used. I've got the rim runout adjusted to within a mm or two axially and even closer radially. how close do you'all get your wheels?

My first lacing job has been kind of fun. I was confounded for a bit during the process as I was looking at my cush Akront supermoto wheel to copy the spoke pattern. I thought I was doing something wrong but then realized that the akront spoke holes are drilled in a different sequential pattern than moose/DID etc
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