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Originally Posted by AngryScot View Post
so lets chat baking stones, do I got to the chef place and bust out 15-25 on a pizza stone or get an unglazed bit of tile (unglazed) from the hardware store?
if hardware store version what type of store am I looking for, or tile for that matter?
I have one of the proper baking stones. It was a gift and I have no idea what it cost, nor can I recall the brand. It works very well for pizzas. Seems to reduce cooking time and also makes the base nice and crisp, which I prefer, rather than doughy. Pizza also seems to taste better when cooked on it. Could be the stone imparts some flavour, could be "Emporer's New Clothes", could be it just tastes better because it is cooked better. If I broke/lost mine, I'd buy another.
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