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Yes I did ride the hell out of that bike, and I gotta say it was one of the best summers I've had. My love for motorcycles began with that bike. Very sad to see her go.

I took her all across Minnesota, to the Apple river in Wisconsin for camping, all across gravel roads, rode her in the rain, sun, and storms. I remember riding home once and getting caught in 40 mph winds and a crazy downpour. I couldn't see more than 15 feet ahead of me, going 20 mpg with my feet dragging. Best ride I had. Pulling up to a four stop and seeing this old lady's jaw drop made my day.

Definitely did take a beating though. I told the guy I sold it to to do the same.

Right before I got drenched

Favorite gravel road to mess around on

Packed up for Apple River. $2 milkcrate luggage carrier, $5 for bungees. This was taken on the southern end of the St. Croix Trail. Forget the parks name.
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