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Originally Posted by wirewrkr View Post
Did you ever upgrade the battery negative cable?
There was a factory upgrade to MUCH heavier normal sized cable.
No, but the current battery ground cable seems robust enough; I did remove and clean the ends though.
it might also be the brushes in the starter getting too short. in the K-series they're part of the electrical circuit and if they're getting too short they act like a circuit breaker. if it happens again any time soon, put the bike in second gear, give it a good push forward and try to start again. if that tricks works, it's the brushes and you'll soon see some other gremlins showing up with the headlight etc..

Thanks for the tip, I will add this to my fall maintenance list.
I knew this: the worst thing you could do was show customers how easy they were to start. Do it once or twice, you can foul the plugs pronto.

Brother you arenít kidding, I learned that early on and that throttle advance is worthless when starting the beast. On a side note what I like best about this Bike is the smoothness, hands down the smoothest bike I have ever ridden and Iíve been riding bikes since 1978, the only thing I donít like is the lack of power; which begs the question, are the K100ís just as smooth as the three bangers?
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